Pelco Presents Updates to Multiple Product Lines at Intersec 2020

FRESNO, Calif., Jan. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Pelco, Inc., a global leader in intelligent video surveillance solutions, is attending Intersec 2020 (booth #SUA26) in Dubai on Jan. 19-21 to showcase...

FRESNO, Calif., Jan. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Pelco, Inc., a global leader in intelligent video surveillance solutions, is attending Intersec 2020 (booth #SUA26) in Dubai on Jan. 19-21 to showcase a number of new products, solutions and services.

Intersec will offer an opportunity for Pelco leaders to demonstrate the latest upgrades to the popular Sarix and Spectra video camera lines as well as its industry-leading Video Management System, VideoXpert, to end-users, integrator partners, and the media.

Here are a few of the key innovations that will be on display:

Sarix Professional Series 3 Fixed IP Cameras (launched): Available in mini-dome, bullet, box and wedge configurations, the latest Sarix cameras offer a variety of exclusive features for customers that need high-definition video in low or no-light conditions as well as protection against vandalism and extreme temperatures.

The Spectra 7 PTZ IP Camera (soon to be launched): The latest iteration of Pelco’s line of PTZ IP cameras can capture up to 30 images per second at 4k resolution. It boasts true wide dynamic range, advanced low-light performance, anti-bloom technology and comes with significantly reduced storage requirements due to advanced compression capabilities.

VideoXpert v 3.7 (launched): The most recent update of Pelco’s world-renowned Video Management System, VX v 3.7 includes valuable new features, such as high frame rate playback, SMS notifications for alarms, recording schedules that can be triggered by any event, and new architecture that allows you to connect to the VxOpsCenter from a different network.

Pelco’s solutions, services and products address the distinct needs of clients in a variety of sectors, including education, health care, hospitality, airports, city surveillance, and energy. Pelco provides end-to-end solutions that include Pelco cameras, customized firmware and company-designed VMS software. Pelco also offers professional services, either on-site or remotely, to quickly set up systems with the latest software and customized configurations to address each customer’s unique needs.

Visitors stopping by the Pelco booth will also get a sneak preview of thermal cameras with unmatched resolution that are planned to hit the market later this year.

A number of company leaders will be attending to meet with integrator partners, end users, media and other guests with an interest in the future of security technology. Those available include:

  • Brian McClain, President and COO
  • Brandon Reich, VP Product Strategy
  • Stuart Rawling, VP Market Strategy
  • Philippe Roux, VP Global Sales

Rawling will be giving a presentation Tuesday at noon at the Intersec Arena on how modern video surveillance solutions are transforming security at shopping malls and other major retail centers.

“The past year has brought major changes for Pelco,” said CEO Kurt Takahashi. “The company has updated its roadmap and our team is both motivated and equipped to turn our steep ambitions for future growth into reality. We’re excited to explore and develop new products as well as to continue to enhance those that have already established us as the world’s premier provider of surveillance technology. I would strongly encourage anybody interested in meeting the new Pelco to swing by our booth at Intersec.”

For more information about how Pelco is meeting today’s security and surveillance challenges, visit or follow Pelco on Twitter (@PelcoVideo).

High-resolution pictures

High-resolution images on products, the company logo and headshots can be found under this link.

About Pelco, Inc.

Pelco is a global leader in the design and development of video surveillance solutions including video management and analytics software, infrastructure, cameras, and related services. From Pelco’s VideoXpert video management platform to their industry-leading selection of IP cameras and accessories, Pelco is committed to designing and delivering a broad range of high-quality, IP video security products and systems that make the world safer.

Media Contact:
Jo Detavernier 

(210) 803-2097

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