International Investments Launch Development of Ohio-Based Novel Cancer Agent

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Jan. 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Enlyton, Ltd., a Columbus, Ohio, company developing innovative oncology products, has signed an agreement for a series of investments by East Sunshine...

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Jan. 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Enlyton, Ltd., a Columbus, Ohio, company developing innovative oncology products, has signed an agreement for a series of investments by East Sunshine Foresight Fund, the venture capital arm of HEC Pharm of Shenzen, China. The financing supports the development of ENL210, a bioengineered monoclonal antibody fragment that targets the broad family of solid tumors known as adenocarcinomas. 

ENL210 is the product of years of basic and clinical research, primarily in Ohio, and will enable oncologists to more accurately locate and precisely treat adenocarcinomas of the colon, pancreas, lung breast, prostate, and other organs. There are approximately 850,000 new cases of adenocarcinoma annually in the United States, and over 7 million worldwide, representing about 70% of all solid tumors. 

Enlyton’s co-founder Edward W. Martin, Jr., M.D., is a surgical oncologist with over 40 years of experience treating adenocarcinomas. “The HEC investment is critically important to moving the ENL210 project forward. While years of research have taught us that accurate targeting and subsequent removal of this class of solid tumors results in better outcomes, we believe ENL210 will make it practical in today’s clinical setting,” Martin said. “ENL210 is an important addition to the emerging science and clinical application of immuno-oncology.” 

Lester Johnson, M.D., Ph.D., FACR, a diagnostic radiologist and expert in molecular imaging added, “Physicians who diagnose and treat solid tumors have long sought better ways to assess the extent of disease and monitor the effectiveness of treatments in their patients more accurately. Enlyton’s new agent (ENL210) has the potential to make a significant difference for these patients and their physicians, and I look forward to reviewing the clinical study data that will soon emerge.” 

Enlyton’s Chief Executive Officer, Wayne Poll, M.D., a urological oncologist added, “On behalf of the entire Enlyton team, I want to thank the leadership at HEC for their confidence in our science and our management team. We will soon initiate final development including GMP manufacturing, pre-clinical toxicology studies, IND submission, and our first clinical trial. We will require additional funding to complete all this work, but clearly, the promise of significantly better outcomes for many hundreds of thousands of cancer patients worldwide is a cause we all can champion.” 

About Enlyton, Ltd. 
Enlyton is integrating proprietary antibody technology into cancer-specific, antigen-directed targeting agents for use in cancer imaging, intraoperative cancer detection, and post-operative disease prognosis. Enlyton’s goal is to provide more accurate disease information, enabling oncologists to personalize each patient’s course of therapy, reduce the overall cost of cancer treatment, and most importantly save lives. 

About HEC 
HEC Pharm is a holding company owned by HEC Group, one of the top 100 private enterprises in China, which in 2016 exceeded RMB 30 billion in revenue. HK HEC Pharm, a part of HEC Pharm, focused on the domestic medicine business, is listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange. HEC Tech, another company holding by HEC Group, is a listed company on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Since established in 2002, HEC Pharm has made over USD 1.6 billion in R&D capital investment and over the past three years the annual R&D budget has exceeded USD 150 million. HEC R&D Center is developing new molecular entities, generics and biosimilars in several therapeutic areas, as anti-virus, oncology, diabetes, and neurology. HEC set up 2 national labs for drug research and discovery by the State. More information about HEC Pharm is available at

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