GÈNAVANT — The Tailor-Made Jeweled Shoes Specialist Collaborates with Secoo to Promote Bespoke Elegance Online.

GÈNAVANT, founded in London, UK, specializes in the creative design and production of high-end customized jeweled shoes. The brand is founded from a partnership between Prof. Jimmy Choo OBE,...

GÈNAVANT, founded in London, UK, specializes in the creative design and production of high-end customized jeweled shoes. The brand is founded from a partnership between Prof. Jimmy Choo OBE, the world-renowned shoe designer, and his godson Reggie Hung, a 3rd generation jewelry designer. GÈNAVANT has been lovingly creating toe-tipped artwork adorned with precious stones. Each pair of Jeweled shoes is first crafted in Italy, before being shipped to Taiwan where the gemstone design is applied. GÈNAVANT’s brand vision “Begin with the classics, Walk gracefully, Step into future!” seamlessly coincides with the “Devoted to you” concept advocated by Secoo. Promoting sophisticated luxury, Secoo and GÈNAVANT will collaborate to deliver refined and elegant choices to elites pursuing the utmost quality in life.

At this year’s CIIE, GÈNAVANT continued with the core design of Chinese aesthetics, in particular Chinese cultural heritage, and designed a range of dazzling jeweled shoes with the theme “Flying Cloud”. The jeweled shoes, which seamlessly integrate design aspects of the East and West, allow consumers to experience new elegant and trending Chinese themes. Another breakthrough for the brand was the use of artificial laboratories synthesized diamonds, instead of more expensive handcrafted natural diamonds. This step helped reduce the price of a pair of GÈNAVANT jeweled shoes from 30 million RMB to less than 20,000 RMB with no discernible difference in appearance or quality. Combining sophistication, elegance and traditional Chinese elements, buying a pair of jeweled shoes is no longer a dream.

It is worth mentioning that among the 17 masterpieces that GÈNAVANT retails on the Secoo platform, “Blue Ripple” is undoubtedly the most sought-after at the CIIE, with inlaid artificial white and green diamonds, signifying graceful, bold beauty. “Spring Shine“, meanwhile, is dominated by the inclusion of two beautiful pink gems on the buckle of each shoe, which dazzle in the light with each step. The elegant feel and texture of GÈNAVANT shoes provide unrivaled comfort, while the unique sense of fashionable beauty ingrained within each meticulous design is a sight to behold. GÈNAVANT is not only a pair of shoes, but also a pair of dreams.

In addition, Secoo has also launched an exquisite limited edition gift set pairing the jeweled shoes of GÈNAVANT and Jenny Packham, the designer brand favored by the Duchess of Cambridge. This set, exclusively available on Secoo, will enable female consumers to purchase from some of the world’s most sought-after shoe designers for that special glamorous occasion.

As Asia’s top online and offline lifestyle platform, Secoo has 400,000 items sourced from across the world in its collection and has partnered with more than 3,800 high-end brands, including Prada, Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo, Tod’s, Lanvin, Roger Vivier and Armani to name just a few. Secoo has become the online sales service platform with the largest number of signed luxury brands in China, becoming the foremost company in Chinese luxury e-commerce.

Through cooperation with Secoo, GÈNAVANT is able to leverage the platform’s optimized customer positioning protocols and utilize Secoo’s highly experienced marketing & public relations team. These advantages help enhance the perception of the brand, while providing an online retail channel that promotes the seamless integration of luxury fashion and cultural heritage.

In the future, Secoo and GÈNAVANT will collaborate further to develop a more extensive collection for the platform, producing ever-more unique, intricate and dazzling designs to enable more consumers across China to experience an exceptional boutique lifestyle.

SOURCE Secoo Group

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