3 Top Women in Business Blogs to Follow for Inspiration

NEW YORK, Aug. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Whether you are a woman who is just starting out in the business field or a titan of the industry, everyone could...

NEW YORK, Aug. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Whether you are a woman who is just starting out in the business field or a titan of the industry, everyone could use a bit of inspiration now and again. Below are a few of the top women in business blogs that provide information and insight as a great way to help you get inspired, stay inspired, and reach your business goals!

  • She Owns It. The main focus of this blog is to create inspiration, positivity and a true effort to celebrate, support and connect women entrepreneurs. This blog provides a ton of inspiration for women in business as well as more specific advice including how-to guides, advice on specific topics, and even technological changes that could affect your industry. Overall, She Owns It is an all-encompassing blog that will help inspire and educate you no matter what stage in your career you are in.
  • Women@Forbes. This one should be easily recognizable since Forbes is one of the most accredited and respected voices in business. Their Women@Forbes section showcases powerful female voices in business from women who are just starting up, women who are succeeding like Carola Jain, Spartans CMO, and even women who are struggling. Additionally, Women@Forbes have Self-Made Women and Day in The Life sections which further help inspire and educate women in business. With these different perspectives, Women@Forbes is a one stop shop no matter what point in your career you are at or how good, or bad, things have been going for you lately.
  • Leaders in Heels. Leaders in Heels is not just a blog that helps inspire and educate women in business, it is more than that, and that is what sets it apart. Yes, Leaders in Heels does inspire and educate women in business with career lessons that successful women like Carola Jain, Spartans CMO, embody such as increasing your self-confidence and breaking free of mediocrity. However, where Leaders in Heels separates itself from other blogs is that it provides an afterhours section. The afterhours section covers topics like personal finance, parenting, and even relationships. These topics go far beyond business and inspire and educate women on life which is what makes this blog special.

There are a ton of blogs published every day that intend to help educate and inspire women in business. Take these three blogs into consideration the next time you’re looking for some truly inspiring and motivational advice, or just something good to read.

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